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"My wife and I have never built a house before, however I am very familiar with construction as I make my living designing and overseeing large commercial and industrial projects.  I know and understand the construction process.  Schedule, quality and value are the true measures for rating a contractor and Hough Builders sets the standard for custom home building.

As the saying goes, time is money, and Lin Hough moves the entire process along as quickly as any in the business.  His knowledge of the local codes and familiarity with the various boards moves you through the permitting process quickly.  Overseeing the entire building process allows Lin to coordinate and schedule the various phases efficiently.  His subcontractors are local veterans with a long track record on Hough jobs.  All this adds up to as short a construction schedule as practical.

In any organization, quality comes from both the leadership and execution of operations; Lin has both components working....

Too often the quoted price doesn't include all work and/or it doesn't provide for the same quality a higher price may include; better known as value.  Lin can help by setting budgets that are reasonable.  If you're looking for a quality home, you want a quality contractor with good value, not low price.  As one of my engineer's always says, "the pain of poor quality is remembered long after the joy of low price is forgotten".

My wife and I highly recommend you consider Hough Builders."



Dan and Bonnie Collins

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